Established in 1976, we have developed from a humble background to a current diversified portfolio comprising of various products such as Haukau, Shaomai, Wonton, Dumpling, Spring Roll, Shrimp Toast, Roll cake, etc.

Our Vision

Our vision is to produce “Food for the Modern Life”, delivering quality, nourishing delicious products which can be enjoyed at a moment notice almost anywhere.

Our Values

  • Provides good quality, safe, comfortable and unique products and services.
  • Delivers the best benefit to Customers - Employees - Shareholders.
  • Pursuits sustainable development in connection with environmental protection.

Our Capacity 

Seamless synergy of our advanced facilities and skilled workforce delivers 50 tons of quality products each day.


Our Customers

Our products are designed to delight your senses with flavors that match your preferences, whether you are in Asia, Europe, America, or the Middle East. We respect and celebrate the diversity of tastes and cultures around the world.

Our Certificates